Top Best Refurbished Unlocked Smartphones

Choose from the refurbished unlocked phone to save money.

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Who doesn't want to get a good smartphone and save money at the same time? Refurbished smartphones are as good as new, and often they come with some warranties for your peace of mind. Since phones are unlocked, they are compatible with any wireless phone carriers. Without getting lost in the details, let's get down to the lists of top best refurbished unlocked smartphones.

Best Refurbished: iPhone 6S Unlocked Certified Refurbished

This iPhone 6S is one of the best certified refurbished unlocked on the market. Since this phone is a GSM phone, it may not work with CDMA networks such as Sprint and Verizon. And like the other iPhone models, this phone has only nano-SIM. All the technical features are working as expected. Clear turn by turn direction with voice-activated

To upgrade to a new unlocked cell phone or a new wireless carrier, all you have to do is remove the nano-SIM and put it into the new device. Regular iPhone features such as 12 Mega-pixel cameras, great processing power, rounded metal design, fingerprint reader, NFC, Siri Voice assistance, front camera, and UL-certified chargers are functioning perfectly.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus GSM Unlocked Refurbished 64GB

This phone is factory unlocked. It will work with all GSM carriers including Verizon. This product has been tested and certified by a third party refurbisher. It appears to be like new with limited wear sign to no sign at all. However, the order may not include the original manufacturer packages.

The redesigned 3,000 Mah battery will make sure you have enough charge when you need the phone the most. One of the most excellent features of S8 Plus is that it is a bezel-less infinity display. Display resolution can be changed from Quad HD+ to WQHD+ for higher resolution. The galaxy S8+ plus camera is known for the high-quality camera. With 90-day supplier warranty, you can be sure of its quality.

Best Unlimited Storage: Google Pixel XL Phone 128GB Factory Unlocked Refurbished

With unlimited storage, you will never run out of memory for photos and videos at full resolution. And smart storage will let you free up memories easily. The default setting is to backup videos and photos over WiFi whenever possible. Taking the perfect shot is easier than ever.

Along with immersive AMOLED QHD display, it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. A fast processor like 64-bit quad-core will make sure you can run your apps without any lag. Snapdragon 821 with 4 GB ram ensures that games will play smoothly.

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