Top Best Accessories for iPhone X or iPhone 8

Grab from the Best Accessories for your iPhone X or iPhone 8

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If you are getting an iPhone X or iPhone 8, you should get these top best accessories for the iPhone X or iPhone 8. Not only these top accessories will protect your iPhone X or iPhone 8, but also they will ensure that you have a pleasurable experience with the latest iPhone. Some of these accessories will even work on iPad.

Best Wireless Qi Charger for iPhone X or iPhone 8

A long waited wireless charging capability for the iPhone X or iPhone 8 is finally here! As Apple fans, we were looking forward to this feature. Moreover, it is agreeable that charging cables are messy.

As Apple's AirPower will be released in 2018, we will discuss other third-party wireless chargers on the market today. Other companies such as Samsung, Anker, CheoTech, Seneo, RavPower, Belkin, and other reputable companies. Since Qi, pronounced as CHEE, is the wireless charging standard for all of the wireless chargers, they are compatible with any phones that include wireless charging such as iPhone X or the iPhone 8.

Buy Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X or iPhone 8 Buy Seneo Qi Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X or iPhone 8 Buy CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone
Best Lightning Cable for iPhone X or iPhone 8

Lightning cable is a must-have for iPhone X or iPhone 8 series. Even a lightning cable is included with the iPhone purchase, but as many have complained that Apple's lightning cable is not as durable as others out there.

But we have prepared a list of top best lightning cables so that you won't have to worry about finding the best lightning cable for your Apple devices. Most of the lightning cables mentioned in the article have the better design, better durability, and faster-charging capabilities.

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable 6feet/1.8meters Anker Durable PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable 10ft. Anker Durable PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable 10ft.
Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone X or iPhone 8

Wireless earbuds are getting popular, and in this wireless age, we must have wireless earbuds to get rid of the messy cables. But choosing the right wireless earbud is not an easy task. However, we have done our research to find the best wireless earbud for you.

Apple AirPods are made for Apple products such as iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch. It comes with a charging case, and as soon as you take it out of the case it turns on and connects automatically. It even has motion accelerometer to detect whether the earbuds are in your ear or not. However, you need to use Siri to access most of its features.

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Wireless Earbuds SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth
Best Phone Case for iPhone X or iPhone 8

A case is very important for an iPhone X. Not just it will protect your expensive smartphone, but also it will make the phone look more stylish.

If you use smartphones daily, you will understand the need to use a phone case for the iPhone. It is natural that your smartphones will get scratches, dents on the edges, slippery hands, shattered back from drops, or even worse shattered screen.

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Case for iPhone X OtterBox Commuter series case iPhone X for Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case for TORRAS iPhone X Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof Case for Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 8 Case OtterBox iPhone 8 case for
Best Screen Protector iPhone X or iPhone 8

With the combinations of a phone case and a screen protector, your phone will be protected thoroughly. It is important to protect your iPhone's screen because even a little scratch on your screen can lead to bigger cracks.

Here are some of the scratch resilient tempered glasses for iPhone X or iPhone 8 series: TechMatte, Anker etc.

MaxBoost iPhone X Screen Protector Glass with installation frame amFilm iPhone X Screen Protector Tempered Glass
Best Portable Charger iPhone X or iPhone 8

The portable charger also is known as power bank is another must-have for the heavy smartphone users. Even though smartphones are getting smarter every day, the battery power, however, doesn't last as long. The battery runs out of juice when we need them the most.

Portable charger can help you recharge the batteries of your iPhone and other electronic devices. Here are some of the portable chargers that highly praised by consumers.

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAH Power Bank Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAH Portable Charger Lumina 15000 mAH Portable Charger
Best Lighning Dock for iPhone X or iPhone 8

The lightning dock makes cable management very easy, and it cleans your office space up with style and fashion. If you connect your dock to an electric outlet, you can charge and sync up your iPhone easily, and you can receive a call or listen to music enjoying clear audio on speaker.

Choose from the best lightning docks for your the Apple devices such as AirDock, other docks etc.

Apple Lightning Dock COTEetCl iPhone 8 Charging Dock
Best Expanable Flash Drive Storage for iPhone X or iPhone 8

When the first 16GB phone came out, many people who bought it realized that it doesn't enough storage like the most of the smartphones. But using expandable storage, the storage problem for your iPhone will go away.

Once the lightning cable connector is connected to the end of the iPhone, you can backup all of your photos and videos to free up the storage. A few of the iPhone flash storage drive will automatically back up everything once plugged into the device. Even though they might be expensive, they are still worth it.

SanDisk iXpand Flas Drive 64GB for iPhone or iPad iDiskk USB 3.0 Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone or iPad
Best Car Holder Mount for iPhone X or iPhone 8

Keep your phone secured with car holder mount and stay connected. Some of the car mounts are magnetic, some of them are windshield mount, some of them are CD slot and some of them are mounted on air vents.

The car mount is not legal everywhere, please be aware and respect the laws about car mount in your area or state.

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Mount Holder WizGear Magnetic Air Vent Car Holder
Best Phone Grip and Stand for iPhone X or iPhone 8

In the age of selfies, phone grip and stand will help you tremendously to secure phone in your grip. A grip and stand usually comes with great adhesive to attach the stand to the back of the iPhone. Although different phone stand and grip have different way to attach itself to the devices, the adhesive stands generally can hold up to 9lbs/4kg.

PopSockets Expanding Stand for Smartphone Rockxdays Mobilephone Ring Holder for
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