The Best iPhone Accessories for iPhone X or iPhone 8

If you are getting an iPhone X or iPhone 8, you should get these top best accessories for the iPhone X or iPhone 8. Not only these top accessories will protect your iPhone X or iPhone 8, but also they will ensure that you have a pleasurable experience with the latest iPhone. Some of these accessories will even work on iPad.

Best Camera for Youtube

Getting the best camera for youtube vlogging is not an easy task, there are so many things to consider before purchasing a good quality video camera. That is why we have created a list of best cameras for youtube. The list is based on camera quality, video quality, HDMI or SDI output, optical zoom, image stabilization, battery life, and frame rate. So, without further ado, let's dive into the best camera for youtube vlogging.

Best Car GPS for Seniors

If you are looking for car GPS for seniors, then look no further than lists of best GPS. Older drivers enjoy the bright display and turn by turn voice instructions. Lifetime traffic maps update along with live traffic updates and other important features are essential for older drivers. Without further ado, let's dive into the lists of best GPS for seniors.

Best Cat 7 Ethernet Cables

Wired connections are faster than wireless connections. Unlike the wireless connection, the wired connections don't have any interferences. Wireless connection tends to attract hackers, but the wired connection has no security flaws. If you want to watch 4K movies, gaming, streaming but want to pause to load contents, then choose from the lists of best cat seven ethernet cables for faster speed.

Best Cheap Laptops for Parents

Getting an affordable laptop for parents or the elderly may not be an easy task as it sounds. Selecting a good laptop requires knowing daily usage, software needs, budget, screen size, processing power, and other technical features. However, we came up with this list to help you make the buying decisions easier. Without further ado, let’s dive into the lists of the best affordable laptops for parents or seniors.

Best Displayport Cable

DisplayPort cables will let you connect a DisplayPort enabled projectors, TV, external monitors, or even mirror monitors. The cables support up to 4k video and high-quality audio transmission to your display. A durable gold-plated conductor with corrosion resisting feature is beneficial for a DisplayPort cable. With all of these in mind, you have created a list of top best DisplayPort cables in 2022.

Best Earmuffs for Noise Cacelling, Hearing Protection, or Studying

Whether you are at sporting events, construction, concerts, festivals, or shooting and hunting, the ear muffs can help you. Especially, if you are a student and trying to concentrate on the study but can't because of the noises around you, then a pair of earmuffs will be your best friend in these situations. Without getting lost in the details, let's dive into the lists of the best quality and top-notch ear muffs.

Best Gaming Modem

Modem is very important when it comes to gaming. A good modem can help us lower the connection latency, which means a faster connection. As a result, playing gaming will be as smooth as it gets. Another major thing to remember is that if you use an ethernet cable instead of wireless connection, the gaming experience will be much more efficient. Without further ado, let's dive into the lists of best gaming modems.

The Best PC Gaming Mouse

With so many options out there, getting the best gaming mouse is a daunting task. Not just you will have to figure out all of the technical jargons, but also you won't know which gaming mouse to pick for your specific gaming requirements.

Best Gigabit Cable DOCSIS 3.1 Modems

Gigabit internet is here. Although gigabit internet may not be available everywhere, by the end of this year, many cities will be covered by it. However, your existing modem will not work with gigabit internet. To make the latest gigabit fiber internet to work, you need a DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit cable modem. DOCSIS 3.1 has ten times more speed than DOCSIS 3.0. One of the other essential facts about DOCSIS 3.1 is that it is backward compatible. So, if you are in the market to buy a new modem, then why not buy a modem that is future proof.

Best Styluses for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Phones

Even though we have our fingers to touch, many users certainly do like the convenience of styluses. With so many apps requiring precise and acute touch range, it is no wonder why we need styluses. Not to mention, sometimes our fingers are oily, dirty, or even too cold for bare fingers. Unlike our fingers, styluses can protect the iPad or the Android Tablets screen from scratches, oiliness, and can have more precise tips for different touch requirements. With that in mind, we have put together a list of top 10 best styluses for your touchscreen devices.

Best Laptop for Programming

Programming, gaming, video editing, graphic design, AI, machine learning require heavy duty laptops with great GPU/CPU. As a result, you need a good laptop to excel at these positions, especially in programming. However, you may want a laptop that relates to programming and has essential software like MS office, excel, photoshop, video editing, or adobe software. With these things in mind, we have created a list of best laptops for programming, gaming, and other CPU/GPU intensive tasks.

Best Laptop for Robotics/ROS Engineering

If you are looking for the best laptop for robotics, you have come to the right website. Even though robotics may not be as mainstream as computer science or data science, it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting engineering fields out there. Many people enter robotics through computer science. Robotics engineering is an interdisciplinary area of mechanics, electronics, and computer science. Developing robotics software requires knowledge of data structure and algorithms. ROS or Robotic Operation System is a collection of software for robot software development. There are many types of robotics. A good laptop or computer can help us become a better robotics developers. Without further ado, let's dive into lists of the best laptops for robotics programming or engineering.

Best Lightning Charger Cables

Who doesn't want the best lightning cable for their iPhone or iPad? We love Apple's product, but its lightning cable may not be one of them. Looking at the reviews of Lightning cable at apple's website found in accessories category, it is pretty much clear that it may not the best option out there. But, worry not, we have put together a list of MFI certified top ten best lightning cables that are loved by users and backed by different kinds of warranties.

Best Printer for Home with cheapest Ink Cartridges Free

When thinking about a printer, everyone thinks about ink cartridges. It is because ink cartridges cost most of the money over a longer period. This is why cost-friendly ink refills and an effective printer will help you save the most money in the long run. So, you may ask, how will these printers save me money?

Top Best Refurbished Unlocked Smartphones

Who doesn't want to get a good smartphone and save money at the same time? Refurbished smartphones are as good as new, and often they come with some warranties for your peace of mind. Since phones are unlocked, they are compatible with any wireless phone carriers. Without getting lost in the details, let's get down to the lists of top best refurbished unlocked smartphones.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair, Hardwood Floor, and Carpet

Who doesn't want their room cleaned without doing the work? Not just the best robot vacuum will save your time, but also it will save you money on the costly housekeeping services. You can even schedule your room cleaning while you are away so that when you return to your home, everything looks better. And, most important of all, it doesn't need high maintenance.

Top Best Silent Mouse

If you work in an environment where being quiet is absolutely necessary, then a silent mouse might be a great option for you. Even if you don't require quietness, the constant sound of mouse clicking can become rather irritating. Here are some of the choices to consider before buying: wired or wireless, slim, ergonomic, scroll wheel or trackball, touch or silent click buttons, power-saving modes, plug and play, operating range, compatibility, power source, DPI, and many other options. With so many options to consider, finding the right silent mouse for your needs may not be an easy task. Taking this into account, we have compiled a list of the top best silent mouses for specific needs.

Best Space Heater for Apartment

A space heater will help you reduce energy bills and provide you with warm air. These heaters are perfect for compact spaces such as an apartment, office room, or study room. Most of the space heaters listed here come with safety features such automatic shut off, overheating protection. Without further ado, let's dive into the lists of best space heaters for an apartment.

Best SSD Hard Drive Reader Enclosure

To use the external hard drive such as SSD or HDD, all you need is the best SATA adapter cable reader. But these cables come in different technical categories. So, we have created a list of the best SSD or HDD SATA cable readers.

Best Tripods for DSLR Cameras

A tripod is perfect for taking the best shot in any situations. An ideal angle is often an absolute necessity to capture the shot. Not only dslr cameras, it can also hold camcorders making the movies much more professional. A close-up image requires a lot of skills; even a slight movement may reduce picture quality. It is especially needed when using the telephoto lens. These types of lens demand a good and steady tripod to ensure capturing sharp pictures.

Best TV Wall Mount

TV wall mount saves a lot of spaces and has better viewing angles. However, finding the best TV wall mount isn't an easy task. First, you have to find the perfect room and the wall for it. On top of that, you have to worry about tilting ability, extendability, angles, durability, weight capacity, and installation process. That's why we have created a list of best TV wall mounts. So, without further ado, let's dive into the lists.

Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Power outage happens all of the time. Although it is not a common issue, it is best to use a good uninterruptible power supply or ups for backup. Not only ups can help you out in the direst situation, but also you can protect you from important and expensive data loss. Whether it is for business, house, or just for outdoor activities, UPS is essential for our day to day life. Without further ado, let's dive into the list of best ups.

Best Wireless Routers for Gaming Streaming

If you are in need of a good wireless router for your home or workplace, but you don't know which router to go for, then look no further than this article. We will help you pick the best wireless routers for your specific requirements.