The 10 Best Lightning Cables Chargers for iPhone, iPad in 2022

Charge your iPhone and iPad with accessories like MFI certified lightning charger cables

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Who doesn't want the best lightning cable for their iPhone or iPad? We love Apple's product, but its lightning cable may not be one of them. Looking at the reviews of Lightning cable at apple's website found in accessories category, it is pretty much clear that it may not the best option out there. But, worry not, we have put together a list of MFI certified top ten best lightning cables that are loved by users and backed by different kinds of warranties.

So, if you are unaware of MFI certification, the certification ensures that the cables are compatible with your iPhone, and iPad. On top of that, these best third-party lighting cables are more durable, have the better design, and packed with high-speed charging, nylon braiding, anti-scratch, and many more features. Let's jump into top 10 best lightning cables.

Best Nylon Braided: Anker PowerLine+ 2 Lightning Cable (10ft)

Anker is one of rising stars of cell phone accessories and electronic products. They have powered the lives of more than 50+ countries. If you are a regular Amazon visitor, you may know about this brand. If not, let me introduce you to the Anker's one of the most highly praised lightning cables.

Now comes the obvious question, what makes it so different? Well, first of all, double nylon braided exterior makes it one of most durable lighting cables. And, it supports more than 176 lbs or 80 kg weights. Not to mention, the staggering 30,000 bending support for whatever comes its way. Reinforced connectors strengthen stress points preventing split on the charge head. If it is still not enough for you, adjustable strap to allow you easily transport and length adjustment on the go. And, as usual, it comes with worry-free 18 month warranty and good customer support. It is no wonder why this new brand rose to popularity so quickly without a lot of media coverages.

Best for Durability: Syncwire Lightning Cable UNBREAKcable Series

That's right more than 30,000 bending tolerance in the lifespan making it 'The Durable' iPhone lightning cables in the market today. And it can hold up to 275 lbs or 125 kg for unparalleled durability. We even call it 'Super Lightning.' That is the reason alone to own a pair of this cable if your cables are breaking too often. They are even certified by UL-FCC-CE for their strict quality control. It is one of the best sellers of iPad accessories category.

You are probably thinking that it must be hard as a rock since it is so durable. Well, hardness can be bad for durability, this cable is extremely flexible so that it withstands all the bendings in its lifetime. People are getting frustrated buying lightning cables that don't last for even a year, and Syncwire was founded to make sure it is the last cable brand you will ever purchase. Its founders were going through 3 to 4 cables in a year, and they grew tired of it, and here we are using a long lasting product made by them. And, of course, Syncwire gives you Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind when needed. Not to mention, their easy-to-reach friendly customer service right at your fingertips.

Most Popular: AmazonBasics Lightning Cable MFI Certified 6 feet

It is one of the most popular lightning cables on the market today. So, the list will be incomplete without mentioning one of the popular ones. Besides its popularity, it does come with pretty impressive features, for instance, small head, copper wire, and 4,000 times bending capability at 95 degrees. To sweeten the deal, this product is backed by 1-year limited warranty.

Since this is MFI certified, it will work with iOS 10 and up for lightning port. This cable's outer jacket made of solid PVC helps to protect the cables from damage and fraying. Wire, aluminum foil, and mylar shielding reduce interference and additional layers to prevent wear. Many of Amazon users love AmazonBasics product, and this iPhone lightning cable charger seems to be at the top of the list.

Best Overall: Aimus Lightning to USB Cable W/LED Light 3Pack

It is not anything new that cables get through a lot of bending through out its life. With TPE material supporting more than 7000 times bending, these cables are one of most durable cables in the market. LED indicator light to help you find and plug in the dark. Zinc alloyed connector ensures the quality will stay intact throughout different conditions and ensure your devices won't get scratched. On top of that, they come in 3 different lengths for different situations.

Apple's MFI certification ensures that they are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Yes, they work with new iPhone X and iPhone 8 too! It's 56 kilohm resistor provides a safe charging at 5A 2.4A Max. Also, to keep users peace of mind, these cables come with 18-month Warranty policy, support 30-day money back or 18-month replacement from Amazon. Cool design, high quality, and the affordable price tag make it one of most desirable lightning cables to own.

Best Budget Friendly: TAKAGI Lightning Cable Nylon Braided with Fast Charging 3 of 6FT

Durable and tangle-free nylon fiber cloth, narrow lightning adapter, high-quality copper wire, compatible with iOS 10, fast charging with 2.1A, and speed data sync with 480Mbps are a few reasons you should purchase this cable.

If you have various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad, these cables are the best options for you. They come 3 in a pack all of them are 6ft. So, having cables of the same length, and you won't have to worry about choosing one for different situations. On the other hand, the quality is exquisite with more than 8000 bending tolerance and strong heads. On the Amazon, consumers have seems to leave positive feedbacks because of its superior quality and same length cables. It may be budget friendly, but you are not jeopardizing the quality of it. As for you, try this out and see if you agree with them!

Best Multi Lengths: Kahe Lightning Cable 4 Pack Nylon Braided 8 pin

Kahe lightning cable is one of the newest brands among others brands, but they have earned their place in lightning cable industry with durable and long lasting cables. It claims to have more than 8000+ bend lifespan and metal aluminum shell design so that you can use the cables without worrying about the breakage. They ship four cables in a pack. For example, 1ft, two of 3ft, and 6ft iPhone charging cable for various distances charging.

Not only they have high-quality nylon braided lighting cables, but also they offer 2.4A efficient charging performance to save time. 1.5 hours to fully charge iPhone (5,6,6s and 7), 2.8 hours to fully charge iPhone (6p and 7p). Please visit the link to see full details of other products' charging time. And, of course, like all the other cables here, they are MFI certified.

Best USB-C to Lightning: Baseus USB 3.0 Type C to Lightning Cable

Its title should be self-explanatory. If you own a newer MacBook with USB type C charging port, then this cable might be the best options for you. While most of the brand offers regular port, this brand sure knows how to fulfill newer standards connectivity. Using this cable, you are covered for the future because USB Type C is the new emerging standard for charging and transferring data. It is only a matter of time before USB type C takes over. You don't need to flip the connector around a couple of times to figure out the correct orientation.

While USB 2.0 connections provide up to 2.5 watts of power, the USB-C provides up to 60 watts of power making it one of the faster and quicker one in the block. It may even one day replace Apple's lightning cable. But, for now, you won't have to worry about that because this cable is USB-C to lightning cable. As usual, because it is connected with USB-C to lightning cable, you are getting faster charge time and syncing. High-quality nylon braiding, reinforced connectors ends with aluminum alloy, 18-month replacement warranty, fast charging with 3A, and 480Mbps for faster synchronization.

Best Copper Core: SMALLElectric iPhone Lightning Cables 5 Pack

We choose this cable it has the perfect score as of today. This cable comes with the enormous amount of features. Excellent quality, durable and flexible nylon, tinned copper core, kevlar fiver core, 9,000+ bending tolerance, and enhanced 8-pin metal parts are a few of the many reasons to own these cables.

Tinned copper wire ensures high-speed data transmission rate and increases life expectancy. Bulletproof Kevlar fiber to survive even the most unexpected situations. While the cable can process max current of 2A, the voltage is 5V to ensure safety. It does come with an 18-month warranty for every product.

Best Length: Puridea 7 inches 5 pack lightning cable

Fast charging with 2.4A and 480 Mbps transferring speed makes it one of the most desired cables for iPhone. They come 5 in a packof 7 inches cables are certainly advantageous. And, as for the price, it is pretty affordable.

One of the most distinctive features about this cable is that it has two sides available to charge. Most of the chargers out there have only one side available to charge. But it is not the case for this cable. With more than 10000+ wavetest and 6000+ buckling test, this cable is one of the strongest cable at your disposal. Its mini alloy interface makes it even tougher. Even after all of that, it does offer a 12-month worry-free warranty.

Best for 8 Pin: Hiway Nylon Braided Lightning Cable 3 of 6ft.

Compatible with iOS 10, super slim lightning connector, nylon branding, nice interface design, high-speed data transfer, fast charging with 2.1A, and 8000+ bend lifespan are the features that make it very attractive cable to own.

It will fit inside even if you have a thicker phone case. While 2.1A will allow you to charge up your device really fast, it also makes sure to not go over 2.1A for your device's safety. It does offer the handful of significant features such as high-quality copper wire for maximum signal quality, heat-insulation, and flame-retardant PVC material for added safety and reliability. Three of 6 ft. cables in a pack, unlike other brands with different lengths to survive the constant use of stretching and bending.

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